Olaplex Treatment 


Olaplex is a special bond multiplying treatment developed by scientists. The treatment is suitable for all hair types, but is especially beneficial for hair that has been chemically or thermally damaged. Olaplex will rebuild the strength, structure and integrity of the hair, resulting in less breakage and allowing a colour or chemical service that would otherwise not have been feasible. It is often talked about recently in the hair community because of the hype surrounding the Kardashians, especially Kim. 


Brazilian Semi Permanent Blow Dry

Eden Hair Studio were the first salon in Peterborough to offer the Brazilian semi-permanent blow dry treatment. We are at the cutting edge of the industry and proud to share our knowledge and extensive experience working with different hair types giving you complete customer satisfaction with all our Brazilian semi-permanent blow dry treatments.

This revolutionary Brazilian Keratin Hair Treatment is an innovative process that transforms the hair in its entirety. Keratin is the primary protein of the hair, so this natural substance gives hair the ability to return to its original healthy state. The treatment naturally removes frizz from the hair, ensuring the hair remains sleek and youthful, even in damp and humid conditions.

After the Brazilian semi-permanent blow dry treatment the results are immediately visible. All hair types are suitable especially chemically damaged hair. The results will last between 4 and 6 months depending on how often you wash your hair, drastically reducing styling time and reducing the need for straightening irons.

To put you fully at ease with this revolutionary Brazilian blow dry, why not call the studio on 01733 361371, we will answer any questions you may have about this exciting hair smoothing treatment. Every client that has had the Brazilian semi-permanent blow dry treatment, so far has been absolutely amazed! 

Glamorous curls 

Eden Hair Studio are proud to introduce a groundbreaking innovation in professional styling called TheO from Cloud Nine. A professional heated roller system that creates fabulous looks which are full of body, volume and movement for those voluptuous curls you've been searching for. 

Get a voluptuos effect for a fraction of the price... Glamorous hair for special occasions, weddings & parties.

TheO & go - £20
This groundbreaking system works best with hair washed & blow dried the day prior to treatment.

The works - £30
Hair washed & blow dried at the Studio + hair treated with heated roller system.

More about TheO
“It heats TheO rollers up in less than four seconds, and thanks to the unique induction heating system, they heat from the core, so they’re hot in the hair, not in the hand. Once they have reached the maximum temperature of 130° the rollers begin to cool quickly, giving fantastic hold, definition and shine”. Cloud Nine Hair -

Fiberceutic Hair Filler - "Botox for Hair" 

Eden Hair Studio are pleased to announce we are the first hair studio in Peterborough to offer Fiberceutic hair filler dubbed ‘Botox for Hair’ an inexpensive hair treatment which will leave your hair repaired, strengthened, fuller and thicker.

Fiberceutic Hair Filler
As brushing, blow drying, and chemical treatments take the life out of our hair, this revolutionary salon treatment fills in the gaps of your hair and seals breakages. The filler serum contains molecules that seek out and attach themselves to areas of damaged keratin - the protein which makes up hair fibres. Fiberceutic hair filler seals the gaps and breakages giving your hair a fuller, thicker look and feel.

How it works
The repair serum is applied to wet hair, it is then sealed with a sealing treatment and left for 5 minutes. Your hair is rinsed and blow dried as normal. This Fiberceutic hair filler only takes about 15 minutes to be applied and can be incorporated into your hair cut or blow dry. The Fiberceutic hair filler treatment lasts for an amazing 10 washes.

Introductory offer
Eden Hair Studio are proud to announce a discounted introductory offer of 5 treatments for £50, when you book a block of 5 hair treatments. One off treatments are £15, call the studio on 01733 361371 to book now.

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